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Postcard packs for civic engagement and peaceful resistance. Printed in the USA on recycled paper. Find us on Facebook and Instagram @PostcardsforProtesters.

Like many others across the globe, January 21, 2017 was the first time we actively participated in a protest. We attended a local Women’s March Sister March held in Glens Falls, New York, where organizers expected about fifty people to show up. The demonstration was scheduled to conclude with hot chocolate for participants in the town’s library basement. To everyone’s surprise and delight, approximately 1500 women and men showed up from all around the region—our numbers would have filled the library basement many times over. The experience was empowering, exhilarating, and community-affirming. We’ve spent the weeks since continuing to build on our efforts through calls to our legislators, meeting attendances, and letter-writing. In doing so, we noticed that it can be difficult to find exactly the right stationery to use when mailing elected officials.

Enter: Postcards for Protesters. 

The founder and lead designer of Postcards for Protesters has over thirty years of experience in graphic design and printing, and brings her talents to a line of postcard packs for civic engagement and peaceful resistance. The first pack of eight postcards is (fittingly) the Women’s March Edition. Our line has since grown to include the Health Care Edition, the Climate Change Edition, and the Immigration Edition. Future postcard packs will be inspired by other activist events and causes close to our hearts—those that promote equality and civil rights, fight for smart gun control laws,  encourage strong voter turnout, and more.


All postcards are printed in the USA on recycled paper.


Wholesale inquiries: 

Please email us at postcardsforprotesters@gmail.com

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